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Recent research indicates that young children generally know a great deal about literacy before entering kindergarten.  This knowledge is not acquired magically but is supported by the family, particularly by you, the parent.  Family literacy experiences before, during, and after kindergarten will make a real difference to your child’s ongoing success in learning to read and write.  In kindergarten, three major areas work together to help you child be successful: Print Awareness, Phonological Awareness, and Oral Language.  Examples for each are provided below:

1. Print Awareness

*your child’s understanding of a book, a letter, and a word

*your child’s ability to recognize the letters of the alphabet

* your child’s ability to print letters of the alphabet, his or her name and a few other words

2. Phonological Awareness

*your child’s ability to play with sounds such as rhyming, blending sounds and recognizing the first sound in a word

3. Oral Language

*your child’s ability to communicate by using sentences, joining group conversations, using appropriate vocabulary in conversation as well as attending to and making sense of discussions, conversation and book readings

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