Literacy Home Links

Make literacy a part of your busy day- while driving, shopping, walking…

Reading and Writing Around the House

My Name

*Make your name with letter magnets on the fridge

Read the Milk Carton

* Find the “M” on the milk carton


*Can you make a word that rhymes with “house”?


* make the shopping list together

* ask what is the first sound in “milk”, “butter”, “lemons.”

Play “I Spy”

* I spy a person whose name starts with….

*I spy a fruit that starts with “b”…..

On a Walk

*Look at the S-T-O-P sign.  What does it say?

Read a Licence Plate

*My family’s licence plate begins with______.

*Who can spot the first licence plate with a letter “P”?

Sing the Alphabet Song

(Copyright 2000 Nelson Thomson Learning)

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