Welcome to my blog!  

I am a English Kindergarten teacher at Bloomfield Elementary School in Bloomfield, Prince Edward Island.  I have a class of seven students whom I will be teaching this year.  I look forward to working with parents and each of my students this year.  It is wonderful to be teaching this age level.  Students are so keen to learn and for the most part, love coming to school!

Myself, I am a mother of four children.  I have been a teacher for ten years now, both in and out of the home!  I chose to stay at home for a few years in between to be a full-time mom to my children.  However, my love of teaching and children drew me back to the classroom.  I am happy to be “back at it” full time this year after a part-time schedule last year.

I am married to a teacher, so you could say it is all in the family!  Our family is settled in this community, and I hope to hone my teaching skills in the kindergarten classroom for a good many years to come!

Thanks for your interest in this blog! I look forward to writing for you!  Happy reading!

1 thought on “About”

  1. Kelly King said:

    I love your blog post about what students remember most about their teachers! I have a small business in Texas where I do professional development trainings for teachers. Do mind if I share this with my teachers? Thanks!
    Kelly King

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