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20150125_191756Hello parents!  it has been a WHILE!  I am sending along some pictures of the children’s themes and artwork that we have been doing in conjunction with season of winter.  We have been doing some explorations- with what is involved in making making snow-people.  Several examples of these are featured on the walls outside our classroom. We have done some work in building Inukshuks- wish I would have taken a picture of the one we built but alas, it has long since toppled.  We also drew them on our white boards, using the ones we built as a guide.  We are going to concentrate on snow animals a little more this week with two books about animals that live in the North.  First up, a story about polar bears!

I am excited to report that the children are doing amazingly well with their academic work in the areas of literacy and numeracy.  I am very pleased with results of recent testing; and keep up the great work reading to your child at night- it really pays off.  As well, thanks for all you are doing in terms of the guided reading book bags that come home twice a week.  We are moving up a level for most readers as you have probably already noticed.

I want to just remind you that I am available any time throughout the work week if you want to reach me by phone.  After hours, I am only an e-mail away.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make this year as memorable as possible for your child.