We are one month in and already we are learning so much!  Something I would ask you to do with your child every night is read to them- especially books with words that rhyme.  Rhyming is such an important skill for phonological awareness- and it is fun to do as well!  Encourage your child to find things around the room that rhyme.  Make it a game!

We have also just finished a math unit on patterns, so please have your child show you what they know about making patterns with shapes, colors and different sized objects. They are also whizzes at sorting things into categories.  Reinforcing what we have learned at school is so important!

IMAG0019 IMAG0005 IMAG0010 IMAG0011 IMAG0015  IMAG0018

Some pictures above give you an idea about our busy days spent here in Kindergarten.  The children have a quiet time each day, and the top picture is one of the three boys at the Listening Center with a book by Robert Munsch.

By now, you have all probably had a chance to look over your child’s book called “I Am Special” which they have been working on all month.  We tried to do a page every day or so- making it manageable and still exciting for them to do.  As they worked on the books, I showed them how their books were coming together.  They are all so proud of their books, and we had a chance to share these books with the class before they were sent home to be enjoyed by all of you!  Ask them about their favorite page in the book!  Most said it was their footprint.

One of the more popular stations during center time is the White Board Easel and Chalk Board Station.  Logan initiated writing this sentence- “I am Logan”, and I was so proud of him that I wanted to share it with all of you!  Even students in kindergarten can be writers!

Happy October 1st everybody!