The children are learning so much- how many letters are in their names, the sounds letters make, how to read a dice, some key sight words, how to listen for words in a spoken sentence and so much more.  By the end of the day, everyone is tuckered out and ready to relax.

Here are a few pictures of our centers and free play areas:

IMAG2555 - Copy

Liam and Logan playing doctor

IMAG2557 - Copy

Mia reading books


Anthony playing a game

IMAG2562 - Copy

Jackson Gallant joins in on the fun every afternoon

IMAG2565 - Copy

Quiet time

IMAG2558 - Copy IMAG2560 IMAG2561 IMAG2564 - Copy IMAG2564 IMAG2566 - Copy IMAG2567 - Copy

We also celebrated International Dot Day today in class by reading Peter Reynold’s book The Dot.  We painted dots as a way to remember our inner artistic ability.  Here are some pictures of that fun event as well!


This is Peter Reynold’s book. In his words, this book is “for anyone who has been afraid to express themselves – from a child in art class to an adult whose fear has shut down a long-held dream, Peter H. Reynolds’ book The Dot (Candlewick Press) is there to remind us all to “Make your mark, and see where it takes you.”


Vashti’s dot


Our dot collection drying by the window

IMAG2569 - Copy

Painting fun!