Welcome parents, friends and families!

This blog is for you- to help you keep up to speed on the goings and comings of my little class.  We are very small in number, but we are going to grow together in ways that I can only imagine right now.  Thank you for entrusting you children in my care.  I hope this year is our best one yet!

At the back-to-school bar-b-q there will be time for sharing and questions.  I plan to go over our daily schedule, homework expectations as well as any `housekeeping`business that might need attending to.  There will also be time for your child to show you around.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on the daily blog- I receive daily email updates, so every comment will be read and responded to.  If you have more urgent concerns, please do contact me by phone at the school.

Thank you so very much for joining me on this journey!  I can`t wait to watch your child continue to grow and develop into the wonderful person they were meant to be.

Here are some pictures of the students getting off the bus on their first day of school!