We are now five weeks into the school year, and my how time flies!  Your children are learning so much, and they are all such bright, inquisitive students!

Week One: Our theme was school and the bus, and also we started an author study of Robert Munsch books.  We learned new school routines, as well as how to safely travel to and from school on the bus.

Week Two: Our theme was new school friends and math patterns.  We learned how to print our own name, as well as that of our friends’ names.

Week Three: Our theme was fall.  We did a number of fall crafts, including a fall tree with “falling” leaves.  We have also started a sensory collection of fall scents and items to touch.

Week Four: Our theme was Thanksgiving.  We wrote and drew pictures of things we are thankful for.  We also started a new author study of Phoebe Gilman.

Week Five: Our theme was fire prevention and safety rules.  We had a visit from three fire fighters from the O’leary fire station who also gave us a tour of their fire truck.  We also learned that our homes need a fire safety plan in case of an unexpected emergency, like a house fire.


We are focusing on letter and number recognition, fine motor skills as well as social skills for co-operating within a community of learners (a.k.a voice levels and taking turns).  If you have any questions or concerns about your child or their learning, please do not hesitate to contact me through this blog, via a comment.  I will check in regularly to see if you’ve popped in for a visit!!