We have two days under our belt now, and the children are settling in nicely to school routines, the layout of the building and classroom- along with acquainting themselves with staff and schoolmates.  Each one of them has already added personality and humor to our kindergarten room, and I am very pleased to be their teacher this year. I think we have many things to look forward to as we take this educational journey together.

Please do not hesitate to contact me during the school day at the telephone number given to you in your information packet as well as via e-mailing me through my Group-wise account.  I will do my best to inform you of anything that concerns me or your child as things happen during the school year.  I am very willing to work with you in the best interest of your child.

A reminder that the two homework activities during the week are the picture of an item beginning with the letter /Ss/ as well as reading to and with your child each and every evening.  This will give your child the foundations they need to begin reading on their own.  Please familiarize yourself with the links within this blog as they contain helpful hints on reading activities to do at home.

That said, I wish you and your child a great rest of the day.  I look forward to seeing them bright and early Monday morning!