It has been a while, and I apologize for only updating this blog once last month.  I wonder, if you are interested in still being informed this way, could you leave a comment or two below to let me know what is the best approach for me to take?  I will continue to send home newsletters, but I am wondering how best to serve you and provide feedback on what is happening inside the classroom.  Thanks for your help in this way!

Guided reading is going so well, and I am very proud of my students (your children!) and their reading abilities.  I am sure you as parents are impressed with your children’s capabilities as well!  Please praise them up, and let them know what a great job they are doing.  Continue to read to them at bedtime as well, and model for them that shared reading experience, which is so vital to their appreciation and love for literature.

We are starting a theme on penguins, so you might ask your children what they are learning, as well as what kinds of crafts they have been making.  I will send home their portfolio in March for you to view the work they have done since last reporting period.

Thanks again for your support, and do not hesitate to contact me about any concerns or questions you might have.  Happy Wednesday!