We are now into routines again, and life in the classroom continues on for this teacher as if I had never left!  I must say that this first week back is still an adjustment for the children, so expect them to be tuckered out when they arrive home off the bus. It takes time to re-adjust to the long school day after a two-week hiatus, and I have found the children to be a bit more emotional than usual.  We are taking our time to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and settled before getting into anything too challenging and new.  Thus, there has been lots of review going on of sounds, letters and numbers, as well as a review of routines in general.

That being said, please note that in a couple of weeks, we will be starting some Guided Reading.  For those of you unsure what Guided Reading looks like, I have attached a clip from a classroom where guided reading is being conducted in a small group setting.  This may give you some insight into how to help your child out at home when those reading packets come home.  Hope you find it  helpful.  Happy Reading!