Our countdown is in full swing, and you will want to ask the children if they know how many sleeps left until Santa comes!  You might be surprised at what they know!  Christmas is indeed not far away, and we are busy in the Kindergarten classroom getting ready for the big day.  Our Kindergarten and Elementary School Christmas concert is on Tuesday at 1:00 p.m.  You don’t want to miss this special time, and hear the songs they have been practicing.  We are on stage first, so try to get there early so as to not miss this wonderful milestone in your child’s life.  For some of them, it will be their very first time preforming in front of an audience.  As well, our first school skate is on Dec 20th, and it will be announced closer to the date whether we are skating as a class in the a.m. or p.m.  Parents are certainly welcome to attend.  The 20th is also the last day for classes.

In the classroom, we have been doing an author study of Phoebe Gilman’s Jillian Jiggs books, and the children have now enjoyed five in this series.  We may take a bit of a break from the author study to enjoy some Christmas favorites!  In our numeracy block, we have been  learning to count the number of objects in sets of 5, as well as create sets of 5.  The children are also applying their understanding of numeral formation to label a set of 5.

We are now into our first Unit in our Social Studies curriculum which covers identity.  We have been learning  basic facts that are pertinent to our lives, including our phone numbers, our community as well as our parent’s names, among other personal information.  As well, we are learning about ourselves and starting to identify characteristics about ourselves that make us unique and special.  Thank you for your help with our Origin of Your Name home-based project.  We will be displaying these projects in the hallway to showcase our baby pictures, as well as to reveal the reason for our given names.  This week we will be focusing on the fact that we are all special and we each can do certain things that help form our identity.

Again, I am grateful to you all for your work at home in helping to give your child the very best start to their education.  We are partners together in your child’s learning!  Have a wonderful week!