Hello all!  Happy Halloween, as it is almost Monday.  We have an exciting day planned for tomorrow, and I am sure the children are excited about bringing their costume to school.  Please remember that children cannot wear a mask, make-up or bring accessories to go with their costume, and it would be a good idea to NOT wear the costume they plan to wear tomorrow evening for the real event.  We will be doing a sensory activity with our classroom pumpkin, and then sampling some roasted seeds.  There will also be a “haunted house” in the gym, but rest assured it is tamed down for the children in K-2 classes.  I will make sure it is a fun and stress-free experience for them!

Thank-you for participating in the family pumpkin project.  Each pumpkin came in looking so unique and original.  I can tell you put a lot of thought into your designs.  I hope it was a memorable experience for you as a family.  The children had a chance to show their pumpkins to the class on Friday, but as I was out with sickness, I am going to let them do a brief “show and tell” on Monday.

I have added a page to the blog that I hope you will enjoy, as it gives you a little glimpse into life inside the classroom.  As well, I have added a game link, as well as a pet!  My children have always wanted a dog, so I told them this was their dog.  I hope you like our family pet, and maybe you can suggest a name for him!

The two little cuties in this post are Brock and Alex.   I tried to add them to my page called Days in the Life…, but was unable to add any more pictures. This is a picture of them travelling on the bus to the apple orchard for our fall field trip.  The bus is an exciting part of a kindergartner’s day!

Travelling on the bus is a highlight of the day.

Happy trick-or-treating tomorrow evening!