It is hard to believe that we are beginning our 8th week of school!  Time sure goes by quickly.  Your children are settling in to school routines, and they are more and more comfortable in the school setting each and every week.  It is a good reminder to ourselves as adults that children adjust and react to new situations in much the same way we as adults do.  There is an initial period of stress as new situations are encountered and new obstacles are overcome. With time, understanding and patience, children, like adults, can become use to new routines and flourish in spite of unfamiliar circumstances. Your children are learning so much, not the least of which are ways in which they can be independent and self-sufficient, and all this means that they are growing into the wonderful kindergartner they were meant to be!  You should be very proud of them.  Many are buttoning buttons and zippering zippers, checking to make sure they have all their papers for home safely secured in their backpacks, as well as checking me on a few items or two that I might have forgotten in the course of the day!  They are great little helpers!  (Believe me, I need the reminders!!!!!)

The promised homework for the long weekend got overlooked in the busyness of the last day of school last week, and I do apologize.  It will be in their backpacks tomorrow.  The project is designed to bring families together in learning, as well as to accentuate speaking and listening skills in your Kindergartner.  I hope you all have fun doing it!

Thanks to you all who read this blog.  It truly is my pleasure to write this, and I appreciate each and every parent and applaud your involvement in your child’s life.  You are and forever will be your child’s greatest teacher!  I wish you all a wonderful week!