Just a quick peek at our week.  It is a short one, so don’t forget that students will not ride the school bus on Thursday and Friday, as teachers will be at Teacher’s Convention in Charlottetown both days.  Hope that students enjoy the extra long weekend!

We are getting really adept at printing our names, and any time your child can sign their signature to a birthday card or art project they make at home, by all means have them do so!

If you are wondering why I do not send home a lot of paperwork in your child’s backpack, the reason is,  I collect all the work they do in a portfolio which I will send home with you at Parent Teacher conference in November.  If, however, you wish to have a look at things before then, let me know via a note sent to school with your child, and I will put the portfolio in their back-pack for you to view for a night at home.  Otherwise,  all items will be yours to keep after the first interview is conducted.

I will also be sending home a homework project for you and your child to complete together over the long weekend with detailed instructions for completion and a deadline to be passed back in on the following Monday.  Please do not stress over this, as it is designed for you to spend time with your child and have fun learning together!  That will go home on Wednesday.

I hope you enjoy this short week, and please let me know if I can help you and your child out in any way!  It is my pleasure to be a part of your lives!