We had a crisp, cool morning with which to make our trek around the Bloomfield orchard belonging to Dean and Tammy Rowan.  The sun was shining, and the trees were overflowing with shiny red, green, yellow and BROWN (!) apples.  We learned that brown is actually a desirable colour for some varieties of apples.  We started our tour in the Farmer’s Market shop where the apples are showcased each Saturday morning.  Tammy took us to the middle of the orchard where we learned there are 600 trees with various types of apples, plums and pears growing on them.  She showed us the various types of equipment that they use to harvest their crop, and then she handed out bags for the children to use in picking their own special apples to take home to their family.  I hope you all enjoyed them!

The children had a wonderful morning, and we ended our tour with pictures in front of the apple trees, as well as we played two fun, interactive games using apples.  All in all, it was a wonderful learning opportunity for the children, and we are grateful to Tammy for all the preparation she put into organizing the apple bags and coloring sheets, as well as preparing the informative tour of the apple orchard.  I took lots of pictures, so I will try and get some up this weekend for your viewing pleasure!

We have been talking last week as well as this week about our five senses, so you can keep this in mind as you go about your evening activities.  There are so many ways in which to show children how to recognize when they are using one or more of their senses.  Perhaps you could let them help you with supper preparations.  They might be able to use hearing when you select various dishes and utensils for setting the table, as well as when pouring the water in glasses, touch when putting food items in a bowl, smell when the aromas are wafting through the kitchen, taste as they try new and old favorites at meal time and sight as they pick out what colours are on their plate.  Just a few ideas to get you started!

Have a great rest of the week!