Hello all!  We are nearing the end of the month, and things in English Kindergarten are going great!  I am enjoying my students and the contributions they make each and every day to our classroom community.

We had a great day Friday for the Terry Fox Run on Bott’s Road, next to the school.  The children had a great time running up and down the road.  A cool breeze kept everyone from getting over-heated.  We had a donation of corn and some juice for the students to munch on when the run ended.  It was a great treat!  Bus evacuations followed the snack, and students practiced procedures for evacuating the bus in the event of an emergency.  All in all, it was an eventful day for your little ones, and they did a wonderful job at keeping up with the “bigger kids.”

This coming Friday is our first Show and Tell, so please remember to send a toy or special items along with your child to school.  They will keep it a secret until the “big reveal.”  We will also be going to the library for the first time that day as well.

Your children are learning so much.  All of them can sort the letters in their name and can put most letters in the proper order.  They are learning to read their names as well as those of their classmates.  A newsletter will come home this week with the sight words of the week.

Enjoy your week, and please drop by sometime to see us in action!  We love visitors!